Festival films – Lo sceriffo della contea di Lincoln – Brando Boniver, Charlie Masson

Brando Boniver Director Charlie Masson Director Brando Boniver Writer Brando Boniver Producer Charlie Masson Producer Brando Boniver Cast Charlie Masson Cast Michelangelo Zampolli Cast Michelangelo Zampolli Composer Country of Origin: United States Country of Filming: United States plot: The little known western tale of an uneasy rivalry between a lone sheriff and a desperate bandit […]

Festival films – Maria Fernanda in tempo – Xavier Pijuan

Xavier Pijuan Director Xavier Pijuan Writer Carles Isern Producer Pere Costa Cast Mercè Carrió Cast Nerea Masferrer Cinematography Julia Cabeza Art Oriol Viver Director of Production Àlex Altés Director’s Assistant Jan Martínez Director of Sound Country of Origin: Spain Country of Filming: Spain plot: An overprotective mother produces an accident with terrible consequences in the […]

Festival films – Volevamo fare U’ Cinema – Niccolò Gentili

Niccolò Gentili Director Niccolò Gentili Writer Niccolò Gentili Producer Marco Bellocchio Cast Pier Giorgio Bellocchio Cast Daniele Cipri’ Cast Gianni Schicchi Cast Paolo Porchi Cast Davor Marinkovic Cast Salvatore Sclafani Fotografia Andrea Maguolo Colorist Country of Origin: Italy Country of Filming: Italy Trama: Paolo e Davor, l’uno calabrese l’altro serbo, hanno uno scopo nella vita: […]

Festival films – The Wolf – Owen Royce

Owen Royce Director Owen Royce Writer Ryan Grams Producer Joe Kessler Producer Rachel Weber Cast Tracey Maloney Cast Joe Kessler Cast Ryan Grams Director of Photography Country of Origin: United States Country of Filming: United States plot: The Griffins have more issues than just their online presence, but today they need the perfect family photo […]

Festival films – Numero 8 – Petar B. Djordjevic

Petar B. Djordjevic Director Petar B. Djordjevic Writer Petar B. Djordjevic Producer Óscar García Cast Fernando Rojo Cast Fernando González Director of Photography Uri Meron Director of Photography Vuk Palavestra Editor Milos Novak Sound Editor Milos Novak Music Miguel Casanova Casting Country of Origin: Spain Country of Filming: Spain plot: Two young men talk about […]

Festival films – I did it in Cancun – L’ho fatta a Cancun – Matthieu Moerlen

Matthieu Moerlen Director Matthieu Moerlen Writer Mr Jadis Producer Jack Servoz Cast Marielle Pinsard Cast Charlotte Fox Cast Julie Josselin Cast Isabelle Tréhet Cast Thibault Royer Cinematographer Jean-Baptiste Wartel Sound Aurelien Chorin Sound Roman Arroyo Sound Bertrand Wartel Artistic Lefteris Dotsios Costumer Country of Origin: France Country of Filming: France plot: Alfred is a constipated […]

Festival films – Il telescopio – Giovanni Grandoni

Giovanni Grandoni Director Giovanni Grandoni Writer Giovanni Grandoni, Claudio Sarra Producer Country of Origin: Italy Country of Filming: Italy plot: A boy stay alone in his house. He think about his love that leave him. His friends going to visit him for makes the boy happy but the memories are stronger then every other things. […]

Festival films – Lungomare – Dan e Dav

Daniele e Davide Ratti Director Daniele e Davide Ratti Writer Fondazione Milano Producer Davide Garbolino, Marlene Floristella, Pietro Ubaldi, Ilaria lorenzi Cast Pierluigi Ceruso Music plot: A boy and a girl are discussing their relationship by the sea, but when the boy is trying to tell her his deepest feelings , something strange happens trama: […]