Official Selection 2021

These are the films selected to be part of the official selection of our festival.

Iperuranio. L’ipermaket delle idee – Pietro Traversa – Italy

Zombie Bites Werewolf – Charlie Anderson – Usa

Salt Water Taffy – Michael Benedetti – Usa

Hero – Alessandro Casale – Italy

Gifts from Babylon -Bas Ackermann, Amadou A Silah, Babucar Manka, Modou Joof – Netherlands

Husband Approved – Max Gleiser – Usa

Don Gino – Salvatore Sclafani – Italy

Secret Chamber – Jonas Grimas – United Kingdom

Love and Lust According to Meisner – Jonas Grimås – United Kingdom

Charon – Yannick Karcher – France

In hope of nothing – Peter Hamblin – United Kingdom

You Missed a Spot – Liam Walsh – Usa

Digicat – Péter Fülöp – Hungary

Say hi – Martin Sofiedal – Norway

Here and now – Aurélien Mathieu – France

The Great Artist – Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri – Usa

We can still be friends – Ewa Sztefka – Poland

We are waiting for you on June 19, 2021 on Youtube for the live broadcast of the final evening!