Festival films – I did it in Cancun – L’ho fatta a Cancun – Matthieu Moerlen

Matthieu Moerlen Director Matthieu Moerlen Writer Mr Jadis Producer Jack Servoz Cast Marielle Pinsard Cast Charlotte Fox Cast Julie Josselin Cast Isabelle Tréhet Cast Thibault Royer Cinematographer Jean-Baptiste Wartel Sound Aurelien Chorin Sound Roman Arroyo Sound Bertrand Wartel Artistic Lefteris Dotsios Costumer Country of Origin: France Country of Filming: France plot: Alfred is a constipated […]

Festival films – Il telescopio – Giovanni Grandoni

Giovanni Grandoni Director Giovanni Grandoni Writer Giovanni Grandoni, Claudio Sarra Producer Country of Origin: Italy Country of Filming: Italy plot: A boy stay alone in his house. He think about his love that leave him. His friends going to visit him for makes the boy happy but the memories are stronger then every other things. […]

Festival films – Lungomare – Dan e Dav

Daniele e Davide Ratti Director Daniele e Davide Ratti Writer Fondazione Milano Producer Davide Garbolino, Marlene Floristella, Pietro Ubaldi, Ilaria lorenzi Cast Pierluigi Ceruso Music plot: A boy and a girl are discussing their relationship by the sea, but when the boy is trying to tell her his deepest feelings , something strange happens trama: […]

Festival films – The Hitman’s way – Riccardo Mucelli

RICCARDO MUCELLI Director GIOVANNI CORFEO Producer GIOVANNI CORFEO Original Soundtrack plot: Projected in a world unknown to him, a prisoner of darkness composed of cubes that musically decompose the space around him. From the darkness of his journey, psychedelic sounds and semi-human creatures call him to the dark lord. trama: Proiettato in un mondo a […]

Festival films – Il tamaringo – Stefano Valentini

Stefano Valentini Director Alessio Pagliaro Director Stefano Valentini Writer Stefano Valentini Editor Alessio Pagliaro Editor Alessio Pagliaro DOP Country of Origin: Italy Country of Filming: Italy Trama: Documentario sul Tamaringo: 1. Uccello migratore dal piumaggio nero-blu su dorso, capo e coda, bianco sul petto e sul ventre. con becco corto, ali allungate e coda gener. […]