Official Selection 2022

Here is the list of the official selection of our festival this year:
Covid Love- Rene Nuijens – Netherlands
Dye Red – Vittoria Campaner – Usa
Richard & Sarah: Massacre in Greenwood – John Hamlin – Usa
Le buone maniere – Valerio Vestoso – Italy
Alle Montagne Della Follia – Francesco Santoro – Italy
The Warziniek’s File – Pierre J. Secondi – France
The Last Christmas – Ryan Port – Canada
Psychogenic Fugue – Sandro Miller – Usa
X-Mas on Fire – Florian Frerichs – Germany
L’estasi di Oleg – Francesco Selvi – Italy
La Fotografia – Luca Sabbatini – Italy

Script selection:
Hungry Eyes – Jason John Cicalese – Usa
Outta This World – Mark Levitt – Usa
Modern Romance or, My Mom Always Said I Shouldn’t Play With My Food but She Never Lived Through a Global Pandemic – Charlie McCabe – South Africa
Desperately Looking for the Yellow Bag – Evelyne Gauthier – Canada
New York Lobby, 3:00 a.m. – John Burdeaux – Usa
Ubiquitous Indignities–A Tragedy – Jennifer Treacy Cole – Usa
Uno scrittore nell’oscurità – Giuseppe De Vuono – Italy

The final screening will be held at the “Il Pertini” Cultural Center in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan) from 8.30 pm April 9, below you will find the posters of each single film.